Updated: 03.12.2022
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Yamaha eg 112 c vélemények

YAMAHA ERG121 Black Review Guitar 245

It has survived it all perfectly, still playable and not needing a setup yet. My first electric guitar.


My main guitar for studying practice rehearsing at home or for little jams. I got it February 2016.

Yamaha EG 112 Stratocaster

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So it seems cheap is not always crap. About This Listing.

Yamaha EG303 Sound check

Nice guitar. Now it s called PAC112J part of a beginner start-pack, but it s a beast of a guitar.

Review Guitar YAMAHA PACIFICA 112 ANTIGA tem som bom?

It s very overlooked because it was is. my first elec guit.

Yamaha Pacifica 112J Review

So I got this as a christmas present around 2007, as my first electric guitar, and 12 years later it was the backbone of my music pasion and I still conserve it and play it, of course some upgrades had to be done cause is not a high end instrument so a lot of things damage or stop working around the years. This guitar might not be the best sounding guitar or the best looking, but it s definitely solid, it ll last forever and it s worth the money.