Updated: 27.11.2022
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My landlord was slow to the resolve, so I had to go into action as I wasn t accustomed to roaches and rodents. I didn t think they were going to work as they have. I unplugged my plugs immediately, and bought Roach Motels and Roach bites.

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I put out clear poison gel in corner of all cabinets. - Biztonságos, környezetbarát, csendes működés. I now keep all cardboard food packages, pots and pans and plastic food containers in large clear, covered containers.

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Riddex Plus elektomos rágcsáló- és rovarriasztó. Anything you don t want the poison to touch, pack up. No more expensive treatments, no fumes, no mess, no traps or poison.

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Before I bought this product from catalogue, I went to pharmacy to get opinion of pharmacist whether it would be healthwise safe for me. Riddex works well if you take a few steps. in room for fragrance, that those cause cancer.

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They run, jump on the table, on your stove, on your bed and I want to let everyone know that this product is not work and not to spend your money great. No improvement on that. I don t remember if it s RIDDEX or not but I ll look that up too.